Welcome to your fifth chakra Upgrade !

Learn in this self-directed program the principles of manifesting matter through resonance. I know you have heard this before. However, most humans'

manifestation remains unconscious and controlled by subconscious pulls.

This program aligns the chakra of

communication with the innate

respond-ability of being a creator.

Give yourself six weeks to practice

classical kundalini Yoga from the Shiv Anat tradition, Yoga Nidra, meditation, and group debate support.

Take the lesson in your own time and space. 

I am vibration

We are excited to broadcast this program from the Himalayan in north India.

During our ten-day retreat, we visit sacred places, meet remarkable people and download transformative teachings.

Our offerings

 Resonance and meditation program restores the primal resonance of your body for healing and well-being. The curriculum expands your knowledge of vibration, communication, forming reality, anatomy of resonance and more. 

Our five weeks curriculum offers:

1.- Morning and evening practice.

2.- We publish one class per week. Each week we address a different aspect of vibration, the construction of reality and original languages.

3.- Weekly group meetings with enhanced homework and topic of contemplation.

4.- 16 video satsangs 

5.- Direct support from the teacher.

6.- BONUS - 70 pages PDF on resonance.

6.- Specific theme classes;

Lesson 1- Universal resonance and physiology of vibration

Lesson 2-The anatomy of resonance.

Lesson 3-Fundamentals o manifestation

Lesson 4- Fragmentation and the broken reality

Lesson 5- Emotions and the impact of vibrations.

Lesson 6- Sacred languages.- Interview with remarkable people.

This meditation program uses the classical kundalini Yoga of the shiv-nad tradition to purify the chakra system using Shakti's natural and innate energy. 

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