to the Ancient Now

This module facilitates the remembrance of different civilizations on earth.

Integrate your memories, know the tangible history of the Earth and discover the unseen past of the subconscious.

We channel and practice shamanic vision to integrate the wisdom into your timeline.

First module:

Kashmir and the Secrets of Life

From Feb. 8 to March 14, 2024

Online 9 am EST. time

Reclaiming the ancient wisdom of the earth

Join us in the 2024 journey through the various timelines civilizations. This exciting journey explores the parts of the earth and ourselves that offer teachings and completions of our human history, our trajectory on earth and the soul's relation to timelines and civilizations.

 All time frames happen in the present moment. All civilizations, all collectives, and all experiences of all it is and was are here and now. 

Each timeline has a keeper, a wisdom and a "medicine" we can use to understand ourselves and the earth's history better.- Through shamanic vision, attunement and channelling, each class offers an exchange of insights for inner integration.

Kashmir and the secrets of life.

February 8, first class

This module explores the timeline of events in the Indian region of Kashmir. The Indus Valley had been the kingdom of Innana, which holds the secret of life. Travelling in time 10.000 years ago is a remarkable journey to take together.

We will be in person in the region, travelling and anchoring the energy that will reveal the potential for our timeline to restore the potency of life on the planet.

The first class on Feb. 8 is via Zoom. All information and registration in this link


1.- Shrinagar and sensing the vibration of the area.

2.- Living masters, living teachings.

3.- The divine dwellings on the Himalayas

4.- Channeling 1

5.- Channeling 2

6. Conclusions.

Hi, we are Matthew and Berdhanya, your guides and teachers.

We have been passionate for over 40 years, creating ceremonies, attunements, channelling, and shamanic journeys to explore, harmonize and bring the invisible spirits of the earth to our caring hearts.

We are honoured and grateful you are joining us on this remarkable exploration.

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