The only contribution we can give to the evolution of our present times is the clear, sharp and constant expression of what we are.

This class clarifies the divine attribute of authenticity and the relationship to safety and protection. 

These teachings are based on the sutra from the moon prayers:

 “ Salutations to the Heart of Belonging that is authentic, unbroken and unmodified.”

This is a seven days journey to restore and upgrade your relation with the flow of truth.

Expect :

3 Audio teachings

Morning and evening practice.

2 videos were filmed in Bali, and one video of a conversation with a student.

Supportive Article, conclusions and homework.

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Namaste, I am Berdhanya, your teacher

My work is dedicated to connect earth with the heavens. I am honoured to represent the flow of information between the universal masters and humanity. I am here as a guide to individuals who are sincerely interested in self-cultivation and inner mastery. As a mystic with 30 years' experience in the arts of revealing consciousness, I invite you to participate in the evolution of your inner perception, wisdom and love.

I look forward to interacting with you!

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