Time to let go of the grasp of suffering!

This self-directed journey gives us the tools

and understanding how to

surrender, what to abandon, and

why surrender our control.

Also, the practices and teachings aim to correct the mutation of the chakra system from the long-term use of human control.

The end of our suffering and the dwelling in our true nature is based on surrender.

Surrender is to realize that everything

belongs to divine order and that we are only the players. The little mind,

the identification with the persona and our addiction to power can be liberated with these teachings.

Relax, Restore, Reborn

Our identification with concepts, beliefs, and values deplete our source of energy and chakra system.

As a result, the availability of our primal force is fragmented, dissipated, or avoided. This course restores the chakra system and connects you deeply with the SHAkty force ( the force of form). As a result, to give birth to an authentic expression of your true self.

These morning and evening practices enhance your stability, calmness and power of discernment.- It aids concentration and meditation and opens your central channel to receive. a transparent transmission from a higher knowledge. It is a restoring practice that points toward truth, freedom and wellbeing.

Pre-requisites: cellular breathing. 


of the program

1.-Satsangs to prepare the ground - 5 videos 15 minutes satsangs.

2.-Introduction to the practices. One video.

3.- Morning and evening practice. We are offering one hour of morning practice. The evening practice is a 30 minutes Yoga Nidra to re-program the chakra system.

4.- Conversations with Berdhanya.

These three videos of 15 minutes give examples of how we control and what is exactly we need to surrender. REAL inspirations.!

Features conversations with Matthew Cosgrove.

5.- Freedom from the collective. ( 2 videos)

6.- Ceremony to release the first three chakras from the charges of control.

7.-.Questions and Answers.

7.- PDF of the book " The Sphere of Affection."

Suggested time to finish the program: 15 days.

20 videos and one PDF

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