"The quality of your relationship with your eternal existence is the core of your security, fearlessness, and surrender."

Inspired by the first sutra of the 108 sutras of the prayer of

"The Heart of Belonging,” this 2-part satsang, meditation and

worksheet open a place of contemplation to help you define your undefined self.

It gives an example of paradoxical and multidimensional existence and a sweet meditation that enhances your connection with your eternal reality.

For practitioners of the full moon ceremony, this satsang will bring clarity of transmission and a deeper connection to the Heart of Belonging prayer.

What are satsangs?

The word satsang means “association with the truth.” This definition encompasses a twofold process: inner satsang and outer satsang. Inner satsang refers to the contemplation of the truth and self-inquiry. Outer satsang consists of an exposition of sacred teachings and being in the presence of wise men or women. By associating with those with similar spiritual values, we reinforce those values and can persist on the spiritual path. Satsang, therefore, is a meeting of individuals of similar spiritual intent, goals and practices. In this spirit, satsang is held. Most satsangs conducted by Berdhanya are spontaneous discourses on self-realization or contemplation on specific topics.

Look forward each week for new updates, comments and students insights.

Look forward to new updates, comments and students' insights each week.

This is a simple class, however, it touches your heart and the way you relate to yourself.

Hi, I’m Berdhanya, your meditation Teacher.

My work is dedicated to opening the way to individuals who are sincerely interested in self-cultivation and inner mastery. As a mystic with 30 years of experience in the arts of revealing consciousness, I invite you to participate in the evolution of your inner perception, wisdom and love.

I look forward to interacting with you!

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Each day I am full of gratitude

The teachings we receive from your school website are just incredible; each day, my gratitude is so high that I have become a better student, wife and friend. Our life has improved so much since I am taking these teachings.


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