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What are satsangs?

The word satsang means “association with truth.” This definition encompasses a twofold process: inner satsang and outer satsang.

Inner satsang refers to contemplation on the truth and self-inquiry. Outer satsang consists of an exposition of sacred teachings and being in the presence of wise men or women.

By associating with those who hold similar spiritual values, we

reinforce those values and are able to persist on the spiritual path. 

Satsang, therefore, is a meeting of individuals of similar spiritual intent, goals and practices. In this spirit, satsang is held.

 Most satsangs conducted by Berdhanya are spontaneous

discourses on self-realization or contemplation on specific topics.

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Hi, I’m Berdhanya your meditation Teacher

My work is dedicated to opening the way to individuals who are sincerely interested in self-cultivation and inner mastery. As a mystic with 30 years' experience in the arts of revealing consciousness, I invite you to participate in the evolution of your inner perception, wisdom and love.

I look forward to interacting with you!

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We post one meditation every Tuesday at 6 pm

Expect in each class: 20 minutes yoga, 15 minutes teachings and 20 minutes meditation.

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Join the community

We are passionated about self-discovery through self-enquire, meditation and mystic teachings. Our community believes in inner empowerment,

fraternity and cooperation.

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Berdhanya deliver monthly teachings to keep you intone with your inner revelations and inspirations.

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Your inputs, comments and insights are valuable part of the evolution of all. We believe each person has a voice, a resonance and until is not heard the planet is not at peace.