Learn in this meditation series the art of letting go.!

By learning the art of

detachment, you can move out of delusion, ignorance

and suffering.

Learn practical tools, apply

timeless teachings and move into the world of objective clarity.

From Sept. 6 to Dec. 14, 2022

Every Tuesday at 6 p.m. Est time.

Classes are

online and recorded.

Objectives of this series

This meditation series allows you to release difficult situations and sometimes difficult people. By detaching from past experiences and future expectations, you can look at your personal and professional relationships more objectively, giving you greater clarity.

The art of detachment is the foundation of any spiritual practice. It gives depths, sincerity and genuine contact with yourself and the world around you.

This course enhances inherited qualities, inner security and virtues that make your heart compassionate, simple and holy.

Teacher: Berdhanya Swami Tierra

What do you need

You need for this series a notebook, a yoga mat, a safe space for meditation and cushions and blankets for the resting parts of the class.

What to expect?

These 15 meditation classes are one hour in length. The classes are divided into 2 sections: teachings and practice. Expect also homework.

You will have a regular practice with two sitting a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

The weekly classes reinforce your daily practice.

What do we expect?

Your full participation in the classes, the community sharing and your personal homework, are key components for the success of this course.

Example Curriculum

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Our curriculum

1.- Introduction and orientation to the leading practice.

2.-Detachment in the structure of being.

3.-What is detachment?

4.-The role of detachment in the spiritual path.

5.-Coping mechanism and detachment.

6.-Detachment and self-worth

7.-3 pre-requisites for detachment

8.-The four virtues and meditation.


10.-Body attachments.

11.-Releasing body attachments.

12.-Chakras and attachments.

13.-Meditation to release first chakra attachments.

14.-Meditation to release second chakra attachments.

15.-Meditation to release 3rd chakra attachments.

16.-Detachment as a way of living.