Learn in this meditation series the art of letting go and reprogramming the first three chakras

By learning the art of

detachment, you can move out of delusion, ignorance

and suffering.

Learn practical tools, apply

timeless teachings and

reprogram the three-first chakras. It is time to move into the world of objective clarity.

This course is online until March 2023

Objectives of this series

These meditation series open space to explore the art of mystic detachment. Our program aims the reprogram of the first 3 chakras. The journey through the chakra of our ancestors, inner pleasures and divine will. We are using the science of classical kundalini from the Shiv Nad tradition, mystic insights and personal and community processes.

The forces of attachment always will be present in creation, however, the awareness and type of frequencies we attach to is our choice and power.-

We give you the tools and the direction, your strength and dedication will reaffirm the power and glory of inner freedom.

The art of detachment is the foundation of any spiritual practice. It gives depths, sincerity and genuine contact with yourself and the world around you.

This course enhances inherited qualities, inner security and virtues that make your heart compassionate, simple and holy.

Teacher: Berdhanya Swami Tierra

Welcome to class

Introduction from your teacher

What do you need

You need for this series a notebook, a yoga mat, a safe space for meditation and cushions and blankets for the resting parts of the class.

What to expect?

These 15 meditation classes are one hour in length. The classes are divided into 2 sections: teachings and practice. Expect also homework.

You will have a regular practice with two sitting a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

The weekly classes reinforce your daily practice.

What do we expect?

Your full participation in the classes, the community sharing and your personal homework, are key components for the success of this course.

Example Curriculum

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